The Historical Society brought back the Fort

A scale model of Fort Augusta was built on the front lawn of the Hunter House, Sunbury, PA. The model is 32 feet wide and is one-sixth the size of the original fort, which was constructed in 1756.

“People are able to walk around the model and to use an observation deck to look inside the walls of the fort,” says Scott A. Heintzelman, former president of the Northumberland County Historical Society.

“The project was the largest financial undertaking in the 85-year history of the historical society,” Heintzelman said. “Replacing the 1939 model will play an important part in protecting the society’s viability in the years to come.”

The organization has adopted “Get Fort-ified” as a fund-raising slogan, and has begun selling T-shirts, sweatshirts and other fort-related memorabilia to raise money. The society will also accept financial contributions.

The society has organized a fund drive to pay for the model, which was built on the site of the 1756 fort.  “A minimum of $125,000 must be raised to complete the project,” Heintzelman said.

“We have received a matching grant from the Degenstein Foundation so that every dollar contributed will be matched,” Heintzelman said.

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