NCHS Proceedings

Volumes XXVII printed 1978 - members $5.00 -  includes
"Our Lancaster Triangle" by John H. Carter
"Old Northumberland" by Nelson and Willie Gutelius
"The Story of May Burr" by Sue Geise 
"Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Sunbury" by Heber G. Gearhart
"Tories along the Susquehanna" by Major James R.Williamson
"Amos Beeber Vastine, His Professional Life" by Dr. G. Paul Moser,
"Fort Swartz" by Mary Belle Lontz
"Lt. William A. Bruner Post # 335 Grand Army of the Republic" by Jack K. Hetrick
"Early German and Hessian Settlement" by William Harvey Wiest
"The Importance of Welsh Immigration into the Anthracite Region of Northumberland County" by Hugh A. Jones
"Captain Hambright of the Augusta Regiment and the Supreme Executive Council" by John H. Carter

Volumes XXVII printed 1978 - non-members $ 6.00
Volume XXVIII printed 1979 -  members $5.00 -  includes 
"Pontiac's War Along the Susquehanna" by Major James R. Williamson 
"The Captivity of Fort Freeland Prisoners of War" by John H. Carter 
"Major-General James Potter" by Dan McClenahen 
"Field Report on the 1979 Excavations at 36 Nb 71" by Deborah L. Nichols 
"Some Afterthoughts on the Fort Augusta Dig" by Jack K. Hetrick 
"The Elliott-Davis House in Northumberland" by Jack K. Hetrick 
"Early Marriages and Cemetery Records" by Charlotte D. Walter 
"Warch Day Receet" submitted by Charlotte D. Walter  
Volume XXVIII printed 1979 - non-members $ 6.00
Volume XXX printed 1990 - members $5.00 - includes 
"The Pennsylvania German Tombstones of Isaac Faust Stiehly (1800-1869)" by William N. Richardson
"Spies Along the Susquehanna 1776-1782" by James R. Williamson 
"The Sullivan Expedition" by Joseph R. Fischer 
"Chillisquaque Church and Cemetery" by Dr. Mary Belle Lontz 
"Samuel Wallis: Colonial Merchant
"Secret Agent" by Linda Fossler, Gwynedd-Mercy College 
"The Pennsylvania Longrifle: Its History, Construction,Loading and Firing" by D. Edward J. Brosius 
"Garrison Orders Fort Montgomery" by Henry J. Retzer
"Wild Pigeons" by Charles M. Lesher 
"The History of the Great Fire of Milton, Pa., Friday, May 14, 1880" by W. H. Smith, Editor of the Argus 
"A Record of Marriage & Death Notices found in the Northumberland Republicaner 1812-1818" translated and transcribed by Mark Charles Kerstetter 
"The Pennsylvania German Influence of Lower Northumberland County" by Karen A. Reiner.   
Volume XXX printed 1990 - non-members $ 6.00
Volume XXXI printed 1993 - members $5.00 - includes 
"Our Pet Boltie" John Boulton Young, A Drummer Boy fromthe 47th PA" by Garry E. Leister
"Archaeological Investigations of the Powder Magazine at FortAugusta" by Stephen G. Warfel 
"Some Reminiscences of 'Old Northumberland' and Her People" by Mrs. Henry Kuhl Nichols 
"The Early History of Mount Carmel" by Hugh A. Jones 
"Brewmeisters and Boatbuilders: The Frick Family of Early Northumberland" by John Paul Deeben 
"The Battle at Rampart Rocks: Colonel Plunkett and the Second Yankee-Pennamite War" by James R. Williamson 
"Simon P. Hullihen: Pioneer Oral and Plastic Surgeon" by Dr. Robert M. Goldwyn
"A Record of Marriage and Death Notices found in the Nordwestliche Post1818-1822" translated by Mark Charles Kerstetter, with corrections by Charlotte Darrah Walter  
Volume XXXI printed 1993 - non-members $6.00

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