Allummappees, King of the Delawares,”
by John H. Carter $3.50
Conrad Weiser in the Susquehanna Valley,”
by Charles Fisher Snyder $3.50
Early Taverns Along the Centre Turnpike,”
by Carl Rice $3.50
The Himmel Church,”
by John H. Carter $3.50
History of Education in Sunbury,” by Mrs. Cora E. Yoder and “Rev. John Bryson – His School,”
Elizabeth B. Montgomery $3.50
Joseph Priestley and His Contributions to Modern Life,”
by Warren Gutelius $3.50
The Logans, Sons of Shikellamy,”
by Harry E. Swanger $3.50
Lumbering and Rafting on the West Branch,” by Lewis Edwin Theiss, and“The Lumber Industry in Northumberland County,”
by Charles Fisher Snyder $3.50
"Magestic Solitude: Mozart's Librettist in Sunbury",
by Chuck Unger $3.50
The Palatine Migration, Schoharie to Tulpehocken,” by John H. Carter, and “Early German and Hessian Settlement,
by William Harvey Wiest $3.50
The Pennsylvania Canal: Canals and Canal Lore,”
by Charles Fisher Snyder $3.50
The Pennsylvania German Wills of Northumberland County,”
by Russell Wieder Gilbert $3.50
The West Branch Canal: How Lewisburg Became a Canal Port,
by Sidney Davis, M.D. $3.50
Zion's Stone Valley Church,” by Elmer L. Ressler, and “The Folksong Tradition in the Mahantongo Valley,
by Walter E. Boyer $3.50
Thomas A Edison - Special 125th Anniversary Edition, July 2008
contains four articles on Edison's work in Sunbury, Shamokin, and Mount Carmel, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.
NCHS Publications Committee $3.50