Other Publications

Country Chairs of Central Pennsylvania 
by Marie P. Musser $19.95 plus p&h $4.00
Eastertide in Pennsylvania, by Alfred L. Shoemaker;
new introduction by Don Yoder $19.95 plus p&h $4.00
Historical Preservation (1976)  OUT OF STOCK
by Northumberland County Planning Commission $5.00 plus p&h $2.50
Hex Signs - Barn Symbols and Their Meaning OUT OF STOCK
by Thomas E. Graves and Don Yoder $19.95 plus p&h $4.00
My Family Tree Workbook 
by Rosemary A. Chorzempa $3.50 plus p&h $2.50
Rural Sketches
by Guy Graybill $2.00 plus p&h $2.50
Shamokin and Edgewood Electric Railway Company
by Gene D. Gordon $13.75 plus p&h $3.00
Boats, Bullets & Bears  OUT OF STOCK
by John L. Moore $10.00 plus p&h $2.50
Settlers, Soldiers & Scalps 
by John L. Moore $10.00 plus p&h $2.50
Traders, Tomahawks & Travelers
by John L. Moore $10.00 plus p&h $2.50
Warriors, Wampum & Wolves
by John L. Moore $10.00 plus p&h $2.50
Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L Plank
by Bonson, Boring, Conrad, Dancy $15.00 plus p&h $3.00
"The Northumberland Man"
by Barry McFarland - hard cover $19.96 plus p&h $4.00