President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

I believe it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for daylight savings time and longer days to fully enjoy the
springtime. We’ll see the wintry landscape become greener and those traces of snow and ice will finally disappear. There’s nothing like the first signs of spring and the warmth of the sun to recharge us.

Almost everyone has been touched by the Covid-19 virus and its variants in one way or another and we’ll never forget how it has affected our lives. Let’s hope that it will soon become a thing of the past.

We’ve forged ahead and planned our six monthly meetings for 2022 and look forward to participating in the Semiquincentennial (250th) Anniversary coming up in Sunbury, Northumberland, and Northumberland County this year. Our youth booth will also be on the road providing children’s activities at events around the county. See the articles and our calendar of events in the newsletter and plan now to attend these special activities. Special thanks to Hope Kopf, Jack Lindermuth, Jody Ocker, Ann Roll, and Jenny Snyder for contributing to the newsletter. It’s shaping up to be a busy summer!

Our volunteers continue to work on genealogy and local history requests and a lot of time and energy went into preparing for our annual Indoor Yard Sale which was held February 17th, 18th, and 19th. It was our most successful sale ever thanks to the variety of quality items donated. I’d like to thank Ann Roll and Toni Rice for taking the lead and pricing and organizing the merchandise. Louise Latsha, Mike McWilliams, Jody Ocker, Charlotte Rhinehart, Gloria Snyder, Jenny Snyder, Kathleen Van Schuyler and yours truly also assisted in the preparation and “tended the store”. It was a fun and fruitful three days!

Keep your eye on our website during the months between our spring and fall newsletters for the most current information and details of our meetings and summer activities.

Cindy Inkrote

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northumberland County Historical Society is to encourage and stimulate interest in the rich history and diverse culture of Northumberland County and to preserve it by operating and maintaining a genealogical and historical research center and by caring for and increasing the Society's archives, photographs, and objects collections which document the county's history and culture and the lives of those who resided here; by educating through a museum at the site of Fort Augusta that features both permanent and site-specific exhibits and short-term county-specific exhibits of material culture; and by offering programs, special events, and publications to the general public and the membership thus serving as an asset to the residents of Northumberland County, the Susquehanna River Valley, as well as visitors to our region.